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High Availability Web Hosting.

Our Platform is a Fast Delivery Network Service that securely delivers data, videos, applications, and APIs to customers globally with Low Latency, High Transfer Speeds & High Availability.

Elastic Load Balancing.

Our Platform, automatically configures networking, access, and security environments, taking the guesswork out of launching your website. Every Server and Plan comes with high-performing, persistent SSD-based storage, Load Balancer that can easily handle your increased traffic and heavier workloads.

Own managed Dedicated Servers.

Own Managed Dedicated Servers Hosted on Google Cloud GCP, Linode, and AWS (Amazon.com)EC2 Instances.

Load Balancing DNS Traffic with NGINX and NGINX Plus

Google Cloud Hosting

The ultimate enterprise cloud experience built on Google Cloud platform & AWS Industry Leading Network. Designed to deliver outstanding reliability and results.

Advanced Web Hosting Services

We help your Websites and Apps perform Faster, Safer,and at Global Scale.Our Global Edge Network utilize Google's & Amazons Network.We Optimize WordPress for Security, Performance & Scalability. Industry Leading Speed, Web hosting Like no other.

Specially Hand-Crafted only for WordPress

With Datacenters Worldwide, you can use whatever CMS you like, however we are focusing on WordPress, our Infrastructure can Grow and Shrink to meet your needs. Our Platform Dynamically Scale Resources and it's Highly Available to Support The Most Demanding and Highly Trafficked Websites. We Provide High Levels of Availability, Scalability, and Performance. Try us before you buy!

Hosting Pricing for Every Pocket




Basic Web App Hosting

Included: SSL, Maintenance & Support, Live Chat, Load Balancer, and more...




Premium Page Web App Hosting.

Included: SSL, Maintenance & Support, Live Chat, Load Balancer and more...


$...ask us


Enterprise Web Hosting Included: Dedicated Developer

Dedicated Project Manager and more...

Pay As you Go



If your traffic or resources grow or shrink, your hosting fees follow the same pattern, allowing for massive savings while scaling your WordPress is never an issue.

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